Hi there! My name is Krista, and I take pictures.

I take pictures because I believe in stories. Our lives are made up of stories -- big ones and little ones -- and I believe those stories are often best told with images. As a wedding and portrait photographer based in Durham, North Carolina, it’s my job to capture the most beautiful and storied moments of your life as they are happening, with the click of the shutter.

Whether it’s your wedding day, the day you’re welcoming a new member to your family, or just a day spent doing what you enjoy with the people you love, I have a passion and vision to document your most meaningful moments.

My aesthetic as a photographer is clean and unfussy, with an emphasis on natural light, the excitement and emotion of your experience, and the small details that make each experience unique.

In addition to photography (and the “click” of the camera shutter), I love gathering at the dinner table, the great outdoors, opera on vinyl, farm fresh eggs, linen pants, crisp morning air, winks, good coffee, and two-dollar bills. I believe in a run or yoga class to clear the mind, in giving flowers "just because,” that music is a key ingredient in the kitchen, and that a bottle of wine is only as good as the company with whom it is shared.

Just as the shutter goes “click,” I also believe in the importance of “clicking” with my clients, too.  I invite you to check out the sights around here and get to know me a little bit. If you feel we might be a good fit, contact me via email at shuttergoesclick@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!