A Leon Godwin Print


It's here and finally on my wall! We've lived in this same apartment for too long with a blank wall above our couch. (It kinda crushed my soul a bit every time I looked at it). The space definitely needed something.... a shelf, a painting, a collection of photographs, yet we could never make an affirmative decision as to what we wanted. Lately, I've have this desire to hang things on our walls that has personal meaning. I don't want any IKEA type stock photography on my walls. While it can look fine, it doesn't feel special.

Leon has been a great friend since I've moved to NC.  He's crazy talented and is a wizard when it comes to lighting anything. Not only has Leon been a good friend, he has also been a mentor and cheerleader. He has allowed me to work along side him and has incredible patience when I ask him to explain his process, not minding one bit to bring it down to a level where I can comprehend. He gives me courage to keep going (even when I have no clients), and gives me great inspiration knowing that he's self-taught.

A few years back he did the 365 challenge...

you can view it here

In this project, he took this image of the Johnny Mercer Pier in Wrightsville, North Carolina. I love the colors, the symmetry, and how the water looks like glass. The image appears infinite in the most calming way. Since picking this print, the idea of it has become a little more special (for me at least). It's where McNair and I had our beach weekend together. McNair and I will always have Wrightsville beach.

Thank you Leon!  We love having your beautiful print in our home.