Aidan + Chris

THIS couple! Chris and Aidan met on Twitter! (I know, right?! How is that even possible???) From the moment I met them, I knew I wanted to work for them. I even pressed them with, "Hey have you hired a wedding photographer yet? Oh no?! Oh, here's my business card!", and I kept my fingers crossed that they would contact me. 

Needless to say, I was thrilled to be alongside Aidan and Chris for their special day(s). They decided on a family only courthouse wedding with a HUGE party with everyone to celebrate. Their love for each other is absolutely beautiful to watch, and from the zillion toasts given, it was incredibly evident how they are such good people who are very loved! (Oh and a tear or two might of slipped down my face.) 

At the end of the night when I was saying my goodbyes to the bride and groom (like I typically do with all my clients) Aidan leaned over and said, "Hey! We should be friends." My heart completely melted! I love when you jive so well with you clients or shall I say "client-friends!"

I wish you two all the best!

Krista LittleComment