[pronounced: rev-uh-vis-uh ns]

1.the act or state of being revived; revival; restoration to a flourishing or vigorous condition.

What is a reviviscence session? 
We all have a voice that opens when given the right space to express it. My aim in this session is to celebrate and reawaken your fiery spirit. Every session I create an honest and intimate space for you to documented you completely at ease to celebrate and rejuvenate your fiery spirit. Every milestone should be celebrated and I get a charge out of 

Who couldn't use a little restoration + revival for the soul? Not feeling like the firey goddess that you are? Well, I'm here to tell you otherwise! Being a woman is beautifully complex. To tease out the fibers of your woven spirit there are strands that are soft, compassionate, delicate, strong, nurturing, and the list continues.  

It is my passion to guide and empower you! I want YOU to see that you are a warrior and a badass. you into allowing your most authentic self to shine through the lens. guide and direct you to your best positions and angles. Resulting in special artistic shots that highlight your best features.