I liked that Krista took the time to ask me about how I felt about my body and my confidence beforehand. Her passion came through throughout the process and that put me at ease when I was feeling unsure.
— Immy
You made me feel proud to be who I am. You gave me a breath of confidence and courage. Once I was with you getting ready, and at the shoot, I never felt self-conscious. Which for me is a huge deal! But you made me feel comfortable in my own skin.
— Amanda
By doing the session in a group you really experience the support and encouragement of other women who are also feeling a lot of the same things you are. I think it brings out the best in us as women, where we instinctively want to cheer each other on and help each other see our best selves.
— Janice
I really loved the time after the photo session where we all shared some snacks and drinks and discussed the afternoon together. This time really allowed me to reflect on the day and how amazing it was that she brought all of us together in a really neat and unique way.
— Stephanie
Participating in a Vivify session was empowering! I felt energized, relaxed, and connected to my friends on a deeper level. It was an opportunity to simultaneously experience the fearlessness I felt as a child, and the strength/pride I have developed as a woman. Vivify is a copmplete gift - one I will cherish for life!
— Charlotte