Blueberry Pickin'


Had a lovely time with Tate and Bri blueberry picking this morning. We first met at Bri's house, she was so kind to have a beautiful breakfast of blueberry scones, fresh peaches, and tea. Next, we were off to Hillsborough to pick buckets full of blueberries (25 pounds to be exact).  The weather was almost magical; it was cool and overcast in JULY!  When is it ever cool when picking blueberries in the south?! Yes, the blueberry gods were on our side this morning. The blueberries were so  delicious, and I think I ate almost as many berries as I put into my bucket.  I met my antidoxidant quota for the week for sure! I'd also like to say Happy Birthday Tate (my brother)!  I think this blueberry birthday pickin' should be a tradition!!