Lady Kate


Kate and I used to work together at a local coffee shop.  She's a great friend and looks just as beautiful in person as she does on camera.  (Kate was actually the very first person who modeled for me.)  Over my spring break, I asked Kate if she would sit for me.  It had been a long time since I had asked anyone to model for me, and to be quite honest...I was pretty nervous.  Mostly anxious that I didn't have a clear goal.  I didn't have any props or outstanding ideas.  My lighting technique was hardly professional; I opened up my bedroom blinds and placed a white sheet over the bed.  The room was bright and to my surprise the white sheet was a great reflector that provided a warm natural light.

As you can see, Kate is a true natural in front of the camera.  She's super fun to work with and I hope we have many more photoshoots together.  Thanks Kate - you rock!

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