Leah + Scott


This past Saturday we celebrated a baby shower for Leah and Scott; which turned into a surprise wedding!!  A few days prior to the party, Leah had casually texted me and asked if I'd bring my camera to the shower and take a few pics.  Of course I didn't think a thing of it and told her I'd be happy to do so. The morning of the shower I had this overwhelming and weird premonition that they would exchange vows at the party, but I quickly talked myself out of such crazy thoughts. After arriving at the shower, Scott pulled me aside and let me in on their big secret (my hunch was right) and for a good hour I was dying on the inside--looking around at all the guests as they had no idea what was about to happen! While Leah and Scott snuck away for their costume change, Leah's brother (who was their officiant) gathered everyone around to make some 'toasts' to the new parents-to-be.  Next, out come the bride and groom; everyone cheered as they saw them walk out in their wedding attire.  Love was literally (and figuratively) raining down upon the beautiful couple. I'm beyond excited for my two friends.  They are such wonderful people and I feel lucky that they are a part of my community.  Congratulations Scott and Leah! Oh, and did I mention that they are expecting twins?!

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