Acadia 2017


I had gone to Washington on vacation with my sister, then to Texas with Dad to visit family. After being away from home for two weeks, I came back and was beginning to unpack. I must have had the post-travel blues because it was right then that I got a wild hair up my a**.

A long while back my friend, Krista (yes we have the same name), leisurely suggested and invited me to meet up with her in Maine to explore Acadia NP. Now, let me explain that I only met Krista recently. We met back in May at a photography workshop that my pal Mark hosts. I was instantly intrigued to get to know Krista because she is a Nikon shooter, a lover of the outdoors (check out her Instagram feed), and she has a great name! :) We became fast friends.  

So there I was, sitting with massive loads of laundry to fold and I got this crazy idea that maybe I SHOULD meet up with Krista! At the time it seemed like such a far fetched idea. I kept thinking," I mean, why not? I've only known her for 2 months so that equates to something, right?!" I was almost out of full recovery (my arm and belly) at this point, and the idea to head up to Maine kept flooding my mind. Is it weird that I just recently met her and now I'm now thinking of hopping on a flight to go meet up in Acadia with her? I tossed the idea around a bunch as I nervously paced around my house. I decided to see if it'd be realistic so then I checked the flights and shockingly they were open! Without hesitation, I messaged Krista of the plans. I had and a little less than 12 hours notice to fly to ATL (for the weekend) then headed up to BGR! 

Krista came and picked my slightly tipsy self (first-class ride--booyah!) from the airport at 1 am. With an hour to drive back to the park, we were excited to explore a park as photographers and friends. The next morning we stocked up on food, looked at multiple maps, and made a game plan. It was an absolute blast! We hiked, kayaked, saw the milky way and lots of shooting stars, ate wayyyyy to much ice cream, and laughed till our sides hurt. 

Thanks Krista for being my photog/teacher and nature-loving friend! I had the best time with you! Where shall we venture to next?!

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