Seattle 2017

Our last sister trip was in Glacier NP. We did major hikes that led us to iceberg pools, one big hail storm, and all kinds of wildlife sightings. We were active as we camped and hiked around 43 miles. You can view our last trip here via the time-lapse video I created.  

Needless to say, this years sister trip looked very different! Kylie was over 6 months pregnant and I just had my fat grafting surgery. Despite being pregnant, Kylie was getting around great! Me on the other hand, well I couldn't lift anything over 5lbs and my belly was still extremely bruised and sore (oh and I couldn't wear pants that had a button - pitiful I know haha!). So how could we "sister-trip" with a big baby belly and a bruised belly/super sore arm?! Why we'd eat, of course! We decided to tour some city with our bellies (and appetites) leading the way. 

The day I was cleared by my doctors, and from the belly band, I flew down to ATL to meet up with Kylie. From ATL we decided to take the flight that had the most seat availability to any of the following cities: Portland ME, San Diego CA, or Seattle WA. We were open for whatever! It comes as no surprise now...but it was Seattle for the win! 

Our combo, pregnant/bandaged arm, was quite comical for travel! Having my very pregnant sister lifting my luggage (because it was over 5lbs) for me at the airport and around town made me feel helpless and well, like an a**!  There were also the times where I had to hold my stomach to speed walk across an intersection before the lights changed because the bounciness was just too much belly discomfort. Hilarious stuff! I'm sure people were casting their odd looks but it felt really good to get out and move while healing. 

Despite the strange looks, we laughed a lot and ate ah-mazing foods (see our list below)! We even took a day trip to a favorite place of mine, Mount Rainier NP, to get a little nature time in too. The "hikes" were more like strolls through nature but BOOM, look at that beautiful pregnant lady on top of the mountain -- slay girl!!!! 

Kylie was most patient with me as we had a mini-pilgrimage to some coffee places I've been hankering to try. We even got to attend a coffee tasting at the La Marzocco cafe with Madcap and met cool people along the way! Reliving all the photos again sure has me drooling over all the amazing flavors! I wonder what the next sister (or sibling) trip will look like...who knows?!

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