Supper Club Ladies VIVIFY Session


“I loved the entire afternoon with a handful of women I admire. It was amazing to feel so nurtured by everyone, play "dress up" as an adult, laugh and be silly yet push each other to feel confident and loved. I also really loved the time after the photo session where we all sat together and discussed the afternoon. This time really allowed me to reflect on the day and how amazing it was that Krista brought all of us together in a really neat and unique way. Krista always makes me get to a comfortable place after a few photos go by, she truly brings a grace and gentle spirit to her work.”

THESE WOMEN! Gosh, what an incredible honor it was to host such a vibrant and fiercely beautiful group of women. These ladies are the very reason why I believe women thrive in community. It’s our nature as women to nurture!

While a VIVIFY session seems all about the “glow” of confidence and beauty, I’m just here to remind you of all the hilarity that goes on behind the scenes too—SO. much. belly. laughter!

Thank you ladies for your support, laughter, fantastic food & beverages. Can’t wait to gather again!

Krista LittleComment