Bri's VIVIFY Session


“I first showed these images to my husband, and when he first saw them he was amazed at the variety and different feel of each image. He asked how I knew how to pose and I said I just followed Krista's suggestions! I felt I could completely surrender to her knowledge in a secure and comfortable way that made me relax and really enjoy the process.”

TRUST. It’s a big one. In a VIVIFY session the #1 important element is trust.

Look, I realize getting in front of a camera can feel intimidating but I do believe there is more to gain than there is to loose. It’s an opportunity to be pampered while being gently nudged to the edge of your comfort zone. You’re going to laugh (and by golly I hope to make you belly laugh at least once). We can’t take ourselves too seriously, right?! It’s an opportunity to show a different side of yourself you might rarely honor. VIVIFY Sessions offer women of all kinds the chance to celebrate their nature. Through portrait photography, these sessions support and encourage women (even in communities too) toward self-care, celebration, capturing their beauty, and motivating confidence.

Keep in mind that Vivify Sessions are only offered in-season, since the session revolves around water in some capacity. Here in North Carolina, the Vivify season is scheduled in late May through late September. If this session has sparked your interest please reach out to say hello at I’d love to hear from you.

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