1 Year Anniversary Chris + Aidan


Hard to believe a year has already passed (you can view their wedding photos here). We perused the Durham Farmers' Market as Chris and Aidan openly shared about the first year of marriage. 

Thinking back to your wedding, what is a favorite memory you hold from the day? 
Chris: When we arrived, we had a friend of ours announce us and queue up "I Choose You" by Willie Hutch, and then we walked into this overwhelming wave of cheers and clapping from our friends and family that turned into a full-on chant. It was amazing, and it's the kind of thing I'm going to remember for the rest of my life.
Aidan: I totally agree...it was so special! Also, we had a ton of heartfelt toasts. We felt so loved and supported! 

What is a bonus quality you've learned about your spouse in your first year of marriage? 
Chris: She's even stronger than I thought she was.
Aidan: When we first got married, it a little taken back to hear of people's negative comments about marriage (i.e. "oh your life is over" "oh, the old ball and chain"). I LOVE being married and being with one person. Chris is my best friend! 

What do you know now about marriage that you didn't know when you got married?
Chris + Aidan: It's not something that we had doubts about, but actually being married has proven that we're there for each other through everything. Even if we disagree, we're still trying to build our lives together as a family. It's so good to do life knowing our base is solid.

When did you feel most loved this last year?
Chris: Our first Christmas as a married couple, we went to the most romantic place on Earth: Dollywood, Dolly Parton's theme park. We got to see my side of the family and some friends, but I loved spending my favorite holiday with my favorite person, in a truly strange place.
Aidan: When my mom was in hospice our lives were turned upside down. We were living out of suitcases and the seasons even changed (we didn't even have all the proper clothing)! We had no kitchen and everything just sucked. Chris handled it all like a rock star and was incredibly supportive through it all.

What would you say were the top 3 best moments of this last year?
Chris + Aidan: 
3. All of the moments where we've said the same thing at the same time, or when Aidan's said something just after the exact same thought has entered my head. It's that kind of ridiculous Extremely Married thing that's hilarious.
2. Singing along at the Mountain Goats show that we went to in December.
1. Finding and buying wedding rings on our anniversary. We didn't think we'd want them but decided we should probably have them after every restaurant we went to asked if we wanted separate checks and lucked into finding a pair that was exactly what we wanted. Whatever else happens, we know the universe wants us to be together!


Chris + Aidan's favorite local farmers' market stops:

bread/pastries: loaf 
coffee: caballo rojo coffee
salsa: cilantro artisan foods
csa: fickle creek farm
flowers: bluebird meadows

I love and adore watching them together...all round good vibes and all round fantastic couple! 

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