A Leon Godwin Print


It's here and finally on my wall! We've lived in this same apartment for too long with a blank wall above our couch. (It kinda crushed my soul a bit every time I looked at it). The space definitely needed something.... a shelf, a painting, a collection of photographs, yet we could never make an affirmative decision as to what we wanted. Lately, I've have this desire to hang things on our walls that has personal meaning. I don't want any IKEA type stock photography on my walls. While it can look fine, it doesn't feel special.

Leon has been a great friend since I've moved to NC.  He's crazy talented and is a wizard when it comes to lighting anything. Not only has Leon been a good friend, he has also been a mentor and cheerleader. He has allowed me to work along side him and has incredible patience when I ask him to explain his process, not minding one bit to bring it down to a level where I can comprehend. He gives me courage to keep going (even when I have no clients), and gives me great inspiration knowing that he's self-taught.

A few years back he did the 365 challenge...

you can view it here

In this project, he took this image of the Johnny Mercer Pier in Wrightsville, North Carolina. I love the colors, the symmetry, and how the water looks like glass. The image appears infinite in the most calming way. Since picking this print, the idea of it has become a little more special (for me at least). It's where McNair and I had our beach weekend together. McNair and I will always have Wrightsville beach.

Thank you Leon!  We love having your beautiful print in our home.



My heart breaks to share that we had to lay our sweet McNair to rest this morning. He put up the toughest fight possible to such an ugly, ugly disease. I'm devastated and relieved all at the same time. I want to thank everyone for their love and support you've given to McNair during his battle with cancer and throughout his life.

McNair, you are truly the best dog with the sweetest spirit. Our 5 years together was packed with amazing memories and adventures that I hold so dear to my heart. You were a curly gentle giant that left paw prints on my heart, and you will be forever missed. I hope you are running/leaping/bounding in a big field, barking at the mailman, swimming through cool water, and eating the finest steak and bacon.  Thank you for loving me more than I could have ever imagined.

“He died that day because his body had served its purpose. His soul had done what it came to do, learned what it came to learn, and then was free to leave.”

― Garth SteinThe Art of Racing in the Rain

The Myers Girls


Had the most fun snapshotting these little ladies last Thursday in Durham. Faye, Joely, and Ailey were naturals in front of the camera. Faye and Joely are cousins with Ailey, but it's oh so much more than that!  The girls moms are sisters, and the sisters married brothers...I guess that makes them super cousins?! Well, I think it's super awesome! They are such a close family and full of love.Hope you enjoy!

Blueberry Pickin'


Had a lovely time with Tate and Bri blueberry picking this morning. We first met at Bri's house, she was so kind to have a beautiful breakfast of blueberry scones, fresh peaches, and tea. Next, we were off to Hillsborough to pick buckets full of blueberries (25 pounds to be exact).  The weather was almost magical; it was cool and overcast in JULY!  When is it ever cool when picking blueberries in the south?! Yes, the blueberry gods were on our side this morning. The blueberries were so  delicious, and I think I ate almost as many berries as I put into my bucket.  I met my antidoxidant quota for the week for sure! I'd also like to say Happy Birthday Tate (my brother)!  I think this blueberry birthday pickin' should be a tradition!!

Meredith + Ben


Yes, I have been gone way too long. I could throw out every excuse in the book, so I'll spare you.I will share (or use the excuse) that while I have been MIA, I have been working behind the scenes. Maybe it's too soon to share, but I'm working with a local designer on a logo and new updated portfolio site.  It is still in the works, but I'm excited to grow into a new direction. Also have a few big projects I've been working on too!  Hopefully more posts will roll out.

Here are some favorites of a recent wedding.  Congratulations Ben and Meredith!  Your day was absolute perfection -- you could not have asked for more beautiful weather?!  Both Meredith and Ben were as cool as cucumbers from start to finish, and were such a joy to shoot.  

Lucas & Simon


How lucky am I to photograph these two handsome fellas!?  Only a week old and these two will make your heart melt like butter. Beyond thrilled for my dear friends Scott & Leah. I know it must be overwhelming with two, but you guys are already rocking it like pros! Lucas & Simon, you cannot be more blessed...your parents are the coolest.  

Taylor Farm


My friend Leon asked me to help assist a photo shoot out in East Carolina in Northampton County. While traveling beautiful country roads, we passed this old farm house sitting in a big open field; we both were wide-eyed and intrigued. It was overgrown by untamed vines and brush, while the farm lands were simply barren.  On our way back, we got the guts to explore the house.  It was astonishing (and a little creepy) what we found. The house still full of furniture... just sitting there unclaimed. Time's gentle hand has decayed these 'once treasures' and lost memories.

Leah + Scott


This past Saturday we celebrated a baby shower for Leah and Scott; which turned into a surprise wedding!!  A few days prior to the party, Leah had casually texted me and asked if I'd bring my camera to the shower and take a few pics.  Of course I didn't think a thing of it and told her I'd be happy to do so. The morning of the shower I had this overwhelming and weird premonition that they would exchange vows at the party, but I quickly talked myself out of such crazy thoughts. After arriving at the shower, Scott pulled me aside and let me in on their big secret (my hunch was right) and for a good hour I was dying on the inside--looking around at all the guests as they had no idea what was about to happen! While Leah and Scott snuck away for their costume change, Leah's brother (who was their officiant) gathered everyone around to make some 'toasts' to the new parents-to-be.  Next, out come the bride and groom; everyone cheered as they saw them walk out in their wedding attire.  Love was literally (and figuratively) raining down upon the beautiful couple. I'm beyond excited for my two friends.  They are such wonderful people and I feel lucky that they are a part of my community.  Congratulations Scott and Leah! Oh, and did I mention that they are expecting twins?!



Such a fun shoot with Lee, Blaire, and baby Lander.  Seems like just yesterday Lee was announcing in our PLT meeting she was pregnant.  Lander is growing so fast; what an adorable little fella!